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It looks to be official, we are whats left of the Neanderthals

I find it amazing that we have incorporated that "knowledge" in the very stuff that we are made of, kind of like the biological "borg" of the hominid line. It's nice to know millions of years of evolution didn't just disappear when the main line of the Neanderthals faded/where hunted/exterminated/assimilated from existence.

Human Sex with Neanderthals Best Thing we Ever Did - International Business Times
Scientists and Neanderthals mated, scientists said. Scientists have long has long thought that Neanderthal genes that have been instilled in human DNA are not functional. However, new research increasingly suggests that immune system genes in modern humans seem to have been passed down by Neanderthals and other archaic relatives.

Sex with Neanderthals Made Us Stronger : Discovery News
Mating with Neanderthals and another group of extinct hominids, Denisovans, strengthened the human immune system and left behind evidence in the DNA of people today, according…

The meaning of life in 4 minutes from - Zelidar's Channel - YouTube

It's nice to hear the voices of others. Living in the "west" and having a "first world life" can make one feel disconnected and appart.   "It's good to be reminded life is good. meaning can be made, happiness found, with out the latest of gadgets, without the novelty of the bling, Life is life meaning is Life It is good to be reminded Life is good."

S&P Rating, tea parties and the mad hatter.

This past week the S&P downgraded the USA credit rating from AAA to AA, this now puts us on the same footing as Spain.  All in all it appears to me as part of generalized push to decapitalize and delegitimize government in general. To force the out sourcing of the key infrastructure projects to private corporate entities, much like is done in places like Nigeria, and Colombia. Whether it's the "Tea party" or not, sharks are in the water and instead of tossing our buckets overboard to lighten the load, we need to gather all hands and use them to bail ourselves out.

We all benefit when government is involved in maintaining things like access to water, electricity, roads, and basic health care. The History of this great nation is filled with examples of government subsidies going to private industry to create wealth. To think that private corporations, or even individuals have produced this wealth _ex nihilo_ with only their sweat is hubris. It is to forget that we all…