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Replacement Bones, Grown to Order. or Bye bye dentures

Novelties - Replacement Bones, Grown to Order in the Lab -
I'm not so sure this can be considered novel; revolutionary, maybe. I know folks have been working on ways to do this for a while, but it sounds like they have come to some good results. Soon if you have the money you won't need dentures you can have your own teeth, regrown in place. What does it mean when you can have all your major organs replaced with matching ones? When you can go to the hospital and be put in suspension and have your skin replaced, from the outside in. We worry about what it means when man merges with machine, what happens to our humanity when all our parts are replaceable, if you have the money or the purpose.

Operator :: Add-ons for Firefox

Operator :: Add-ons for Firefox This something i would like to see for google's Chrome browser. With google apps integration for the microformat data. I may have to build this myself.