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Buzz to Twitter

If you use twitter and Buzz here is away to use feed burner(a google service) to post your buzz to twitter. This is great for me cause I also use Twitter to update my facebook status.
This allows keep everything nice and tight with my social networking.

How to Publish your Buzz to Twitter

Vim style nav arrives in Chrome

Ok i really like Vi. I have yet to try this but I wonder how this interacts with the native google keyboard short cuts in gmail and reader. It looks promising because the short cuts for this plugin looks highly reference to: Vimium - the hacker's browser (view on Google Sidewiki)

Creating a list of files paths in your buffer or Change list - VIM

I'm sure there is a better way to do this, but here is a down and dirty version.
This function gets the paths of files in you buffer list a puts them in :reg f.
You can paste it to a new buffer and format it in a way that you like.

function! GetFileList() let @f = '' bufdo let @f = @f . " " . expand("%:p") endfunction

41mpg city 53mpg hwy circa 1984

This is an oldie but a goodie. Where did this technology go? Do we really need hybrids, with there batteries and plastics?

RVM the easy way to work with your ruby enviroment

If your going to be running mulitple versions of Ruby this is a must
RVM. There is a similar tools for Python.... I just can't rember it right now.

Now live from inside of vim

I wanted to give a shout out to the developers of blogger.vm, Ujihisa; and metarw, Kana Natsuno for letting me bring you this post from inside of vim.

Javascript unique an array of objects base on a property

This takes an array of objects. It filters them based on an interior property. It is a basic form of "unique", that removes duplicates and empty members.
@params an array and a object param @returns array of unique objects, with no empty property value