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Disease and intelligence: Mens sana in corpore sano | The Economist

"Places that harbour a lot of parasites and pathogens not only suffer the debilitating effects of disease on their workforces, but also have their human capital eroded, child by child, from birth." Disease and intelligence: Mens sana in corpore sano | The Economist
It's interesting to note that malnutrition will also cause the brain to develop poorly, so feeding the hungry is not the only answer. Niether is tending to the infirm the answer. It requires both to help us lift each other up.
This might also help to explain the why there was such an up lift along the nile. Nubians where dosing themselves with antibiotics using beer as far back as 1,700 years ago.  It makes me wonder if other culture that fermented foods received a comparable boost.

This is a movie to see, whether you have kids or not

My schools where pretty good, and had some decent teachers. Few did little to give a good historical perspective. Most taught the world outside of Europe wasn't important, and middle eastern culture was Islam. But that was consistent with the times.

The average US citizen is not known for their worldliness.

With the emulation of the factory, and the loss of the workshop as exemplar; the school systems have increasingly lost focus. May we regain focus, may we find a way to educate our children to be good thoughtful human beings.

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Oh who cares about invasive species...we've water to trap.

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BBC News - Charles Darwin's ecological experiment on Ascension isle

Two hundred years ago, Ascension Island was a barren volcanic edifice.
Today, its peaks are covered by lush tropical "cloud forest".
Terra forming is just that. We want to bring earth to other planets. When we go to mars we will need things, like water. The more species we can bring along the better. We sit on top of a large group of other life. We depend on them for survival and they depend on us. It makes sense that we would take them off planet with us.