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RE: Why We Must Draw Muhammad

Who is "Drawing Mohammed"(PBUH) helping? How does it show solidarity with the cartoonist/s that was/where threatened and had violence done to them. Violence and intimidation will only stop expression if we let it. If a person does not like to be called fat, is refraining from calling them that undue immunity from criticism? In the US we still of pretty good separation of church and state, and blasphemy is common parlance.

This whole things is troll bait.
Showing solidarity for the cartoonist that have been victims of this, would include helping them pay for the damage to there homes, and helping rebuild their lives. Providing them sanctuary. Standing guard at their door. Being their umbrella against this rain of violence. Drawing meaningless cartoons? That's the easy way out.

Cartoonist/satirest/intellectuals have been killed for what they have done. Innocents have been kill for a very long time, this is nothing new. Terrorism did not start with the muslims, nor with the christians. These are not a new things nor will it end with this protest.

If we are going to really protest against violence and intimidation inhibiting freedom of expression lets start with ourselves in our daily lives. Examine the words and actions used to express yourself and your thoughts. Is there place for violence and intimidation found there?

The "drawing mohammed"(pbuh) is a diversion; there are much larger fish to fry. Large economic and political interest are known to intimidate there rivals domestically and abroad. Take a look in the United States at the major media outlets excuse for what is now called political discourse. Violence and intimidation are part and parcel of every discussion.

This has nothing to do with freedom of speech. We require the freedom of speech to allow for discourse. Whether that discorse is reasoned or not is up to us. Wether we want to throw salt in the wound is our choice.

Everyday we are challenged to bring more kindness, compassion and love into this world. That helps all of us, religious or not. Those things that unite us make us stronger. Those things that divide us weaken us. I will defend your right to speak, but I don't have to like what you say nor do I have to condone it.

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