Burlington Police Scanners Go Silent – or What are you Phreaking doing

Burlington Police Scanners Go Silent – to the Public | Seven Days: "Tune in to the Burlington Police Department’s primary radio channel — 460.125 megahertz on any police scanner — and you’ll hear nothing but static, interrupted by a droning buzz like a motorboat. Without fanfare last spring, Burlington police encrypted their main broadcast channel, making it impossible to hear anything being discussed over the most commonly used police radio frequency. Several of Burlington’s lesser-used channels remain unencrypted, as does the city fire department’s channel."
If I was into Phreaking I might take this as a challenge, but I'm not. Makes you wonder what they say now that they wouldn't have said before? The issue is, encryption alone does not make you communication safe, nor does it mean it's secure. Security is as much psychological as it is physical, perception is huge. At the end of the day the security of the Police band is as much social as it is technological, even more so in fact.
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